APPROPRIATE BARRAGAN. Photography workshop with Bas Princen.

Mexico, July 2022

Luis Barragán’s architecture is familiar thanks to a small number of carefully selected photographs. A certain idea of his work has thus been built up, thanks in particular to his long collaboration with the photographer Armando Salas Portugal. The result is a special aura around spaces that have often become iconic, not through their visit, but through their representation.

During the workshop Appropriate Barragán, MAIA students from HEAD – Genève and the Universidad Centro Mexico developed new images around the work of the architect with Bas Princen. Approached through Casa Luis Barragán and Casa Pedregal, formerly Casa Prieto López, the work of Luis Barragán has also been studied through the visit of Convento de las Capuchinas and Casa Gilardi. The Barragán Foundation, hosted by the Vitra Campus, generously inaugurated the workshop by welcoming the students to its new gallery.


Workshop Leader: Bas Princen

Assistant: Damien Greder

HEAD supervisor: Dr. Javier F. Contreras

CENTRO supervisor: Miquel Adrià



HEAD Students

Elsa Audouin

Robin Delerce

Vilma Hubalek

Thibault Krauer

Ankita Das

Sonya Isupova

Maria-Eleni Vourtsi


CENTRO Students

Ana Suárez

Emiliano Reynoso

Pedro Felix

Yamilet Parra

Ma. Fernanda Chávez

Álvaro Morillo

Camila Segura

Vania Olivares

Ximena Castro

Ximena Urbina

Images Credits, models
© HEAD – Genève, Raphaëlle Müller