Alumni 2021

Lolita Gomez

Lolita Gomez is an interior architect currently working at Frey Architectes in Geneva, Switzerland. Lolita holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from HEAD – Genève. 

Diploma Project

Obscura presents a sequence of dark rooms resembling a cinema set within a barn in the heart of the town of Carouge, Switzerland. This interior architecture project addresses the challenge of integrating a contemporary ritual into a historical context while respecting the built heritage. The added volumes establish a relationship with the existing geometry, contributing to the creation of the architectural image. Materialities confront and reinforce each other, and the successive capsules remove the context while providing an intimate experience for visitors. The screening rooms have gradually evolved into defined social interfaces.

Lolita Gomez
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Irma Cilacian Gandolfi

Lolita Gomez final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève / Raphaëlle Mueller