Av. de Chateleine 7
Architecture d’intérieur


Young interior architecture graduate Lolita Gomez analyses the sensory experiences observed in spaces. She claims that a moment lived is not only apprehended by physical or tactile feelings. This reflection attempts to highlight the unconscious relationship between body and space.

Screening rooms have gradually become defined as social interfaces. The particularity of the cinema ritual consists of bringing together people of different identities in a closed space for a relatively short time.

This project displays a succession of dark rooms in a barn located in the heart of the town of Carouge. How can one integrate a contemporary ritual in a historical context? This interior architecture project offers an intervention that respects the built heritage. The added volumes enter a relationship with the existing geometry and thus participate in the creation of the architectural image. Materialities confront and reinforce each other. The capsules, one after the other, remove the context while offering an intimate experience to visitors.

Lolita Gomez

Irma Cilacian Gandolfi

Lolita Gomez final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller