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Nina F. D’Elia H. is a Mexican-Italian interior architect and designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work explores the contemporary role that interior architecture plays in global issues, such as the production of physical spaces that cater an ever growing and unregulated digital world and the implications of interior architecture in relation to climate injustices and inequalities.

Through her MAIA final diploma project TRASHMANSHIP, Nina investigates the use of waste as an alternative raw material in order to replace the exploitation of finite natural resources, using analog techniques and digital technologies.

The exploration at stake lingers around the question: Can we satisfy our “needs” without compromising the needs of future generations? And in the attempt to fabricate this still possible scenario many other moments of reflection unfold; from outdated design paradigms to the creation of new business models TRASHMANSHIP sparks the conversation around the future of interior architecture.

Nina F. D’Elia H.

Endrias Abeyi

Nina D'Elia final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller