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Architecture d’intérieur

13 characters in search of a story

Robin is a 24 year old interior architect from the French alps. Often revolving around alpine contexts, his work is also really inspired by movies. Narrative is a tool he often uses to communicate his projects, questioning fictional spaces or highlighting the popular experience of cinema.

This project looks at the ritual of a film festival. Here it is decomposed and all the functions are spread into small structures. Thirteen constructions inspired by tropes of horror and fantastic cinema are built, each of them portraying one archetype⁠ character. Those elements with various personality and image are the clues of a story that the visitor should explore and arrange according to its imagination. The goal is to reflect on the universal value of such tropes and to express their meaning beyond the closed boundaries of an hour-and⁠ a-half movie.⁠

Robin Delerce
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Ana Luisa Soares

Robin Delerce final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon