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Architecture d’intérieur


Filza Parmar is an Indian Interior architect. Her work explores the relationship between design and architecture, with a specific focus on the boundaries between tradition and modernity, local resources and craftsmanship that can form the basis of highly contemporary designs.

Her MAIA final diploma project KITA ,is envisioned as a children day care centre, in which old building components find a new spatial dimension, responding to the contemporary necessity of climatic issue.It investigates the changing patterns of migration between the city and the villages and their potential to become a new social institution. The project seeks to re-use materials from the abandoned rural landscape, reflecting upon the existing material resources, the embedded heritage of the previous uses and its economic circulation through architecture and sustainability.

The project engages with both local and global issues of reinterpreting the local, of the traces of the past, fulfilling new purposes for a new generation of users as buildings become obsolete with time.

Filza Parmar

Philippe Rahm

Filza Parmar final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller