“Aux Mille Pins”

Contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese tea house for the shop “Mille Pins”.
In the framework of the studio led by Claudio Colucci, the students were led to design a mobile and modular tasting area for the tea ceremony for the Tea House “Aux Mille Pins” of Emiko Okamoto. The studio “Space design & retail design” offers an immersion in the ritual universe of the art of Japanese tea. The sensory aspect assumes great importance here, through taste, touch and smell, but also through vision and hearing. How can we exalt all senses, multiply them and transcend them? How to create a polysensory interactivity and a new tasting gesture? The idea is to rediscover tea in an innovative and astonishing way.

The objective of the studio was, as part of a mandate for the tea house “Aux Mille Pins”, to create a mobile tasting area, easily removable and transportable. The students had to create an authentic Japanese atmosphere to promote friendliness and offer an unforgettable experience. The tea bench must have a neat finish to accommodate beautiful objects and superior Japanese teas. The guests also had to be able to observe the preparation of tea by the host in comfort and transparency.


Workshop tutor : Claudio Colucci
Assistant : Wendy Gaze

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture
Victor Duterme, Saraa Karvonen, Asensio Kishan, Mounira Mokhtar

Head of Department : Jan Geipel
Scientific Deputy : Valentina de Luigi

Photo Credits 
© HEAD – Genève, Michel Giesbrecht

“Aux Mille Pins”
Studio Claudio Colucci, HEAD–AI’ID, 2017