Space Duality: winner of the Red Dot Award 2020 and FRAME Award 2020

Geneva, December 2020

Space Duality received the  Red Dot Award 2020, Brands & Communication Design category, as well as the  Frame Innovation Award People Choice 2020 .

The “Space Duality” virtual reality installation is a project carried out within the Interior Architecture department, as part of the  USM Design Grant program, set up by the USM Foundation to encourage innovation.

The installation consists of seven immersive projects that offer a completely new and deeply emotional experience of space. The spectator enters seven different virtual reality (VR) projects, while being physically installed on or in furniture built specifically for the experience; it is thus more easily transported in an invisible environment full of surprises. While some projects offer an enchanting charm, others question the overall definition of what an interior space is.

The Red Dot Design Awards are the world’s best-known design awards, often referred to as the “Designer Oscars”. They have been awarded since 1955 by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, and their aim is to present truly innovative design research to the world, to promote products and concepts, to distinguish between most passionate designers. The awarded projects are displayed in the Design Zentrum. This year, the exhibition takes place online at

The FRAME Awards are prizes awarded to projects in the field of interior architecture. This event is organized by FRAME magazine in Amsterdam.


Studio Critic: Simon Husslein
Teaching Assistant: Lara Grandchamp


Mélissa Ferrara
Brian Grenier
Kanya-On Khurewathanakul
Julia Miclos Moura
Hyeryeon Nam
Johanna Picard
Rébecca Sanmartin
Caroline Savary
Sonia Schwerdtel
Ophélie Surchat
Lydia Campana
Aurélie Chêne

Head of Department: Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Image Credits © HEAD – Genève, Emily Bonnet