Space and Representation : Scènes de nuit

Geneva, January 2019

The studio Space and Representation is interested in space and its representation: each space a has a place, each place has a scene. This semester students have reconstructed night scenes from ordinary spaces of our collective memory. Each group received a reference image in the form of a fragment and a scale of construction. The scene was studied with the help of a precise statement and combining a maximum of references. Fragments were then built in scale model. Once the models built, students photographed or filmed them, then presented in their original scale 1: 1.


Studio tutor : Youri Kravtchenko
Assistant : Manon Portera

Students :
BA Interior Architecture

Andrey Besanceney, Tania Bersier, Emma Birbaud, Taomei Bengone, Shana Bennett, Tamara Bertoletti, Juliette Colomb, Elisa Cudré-Mauroux, Rui Da Silva, Mélanie Ducrey, Rafael Donoso, Noémie Dux, Alizé Fassier, Dawitt Gebrehanna Abi, Pauline Gueissaz, Shanna Lancian, Emma Launay, Clémence Lablancherie, Gaïane Legendre, Clara Losey, Astrid Mayer, Deborah Marolf, Raphaëlle Marzolf, Antoine Matta, Camille Némethy, Thu Trang Nguyen, Julie Reeb, Némo Reitz, Annika Resin, Nora Rhyner, Thomas Robert-Nicoud, Caroline Savary, Karen Vidal

Head of Department : Dr. Javier Fernández Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Photo Credits
© Nagi Gianni

Scènes de Nuit
Studio Youri Kravtchenko, HEAD–AI’ID, 2017