Geneva, September 2021

For the SCENES DE NUIT research programme, MA students of MAIA at HEAD – Genève are invited to explore the obscure, underwater depths through the conception and realisation of still lifes with the constraint of using essentially food elements and light. Plunged into darkness, the three-dimensional paintings become supports for photography and filming in order to offer another view of the night on different scales. The results will be exhibited during a large exploratory dinner organised by HiFLOW and designer Eleonore Grignon.


Studio Critic: Youri Kravtchenko (Ykra)
Teaching Assistant: Valentin Dubois (Studio Valentin Dubois)



Sinner Dinner

Sarah Bentivegna – Marina Ezerskaia – Patris Sallaku – Nourbonou Missidenti

Totem Of Laziness

Emma Birbaud – Emma Launay – Robin Delerce – Samia Hilal


Camila Perna – Lisa Maahsen – Louise Plassard – Nell Beller – Thomas Dreux

Floating Buffet

Anaïs Youssefi – Elsa Audouin – Marine Evrard – Sandy Pitettii

Nemento Dinner

Pablo Silva – Kevin Chellakudam – Valeria Lydia Kraehenbuehl – Nobuyoshi Yokota

Ostreopsis Ovata

Thibault Krauer – Patrycja Pawlik – Thomas Dreux – Azadeh Djavanrouh

Image Credits © HEAD – Geneva, Michel Giesbrecht