Les périscopes

Arles, mars-juilllet 2019

As part of the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles, Presence Suisse, the City and the Canton of Geneva, asked students of Interior Architecture from HEAD – Geneva to imagine a scenography for a rooftop terrace. The terrace is a small and uncovered space, located in the center of the historic city of Arles, but with no point of view on it.
The layout of this space raised the following questions for students: What is the relationship between architecture and images and, more specifically, photography? What is the connection between a three-dimensional space and a two-dimensional image? Can the creation of an image be materialized as an architectural space? Students made various proposals, one of which was selected and realized in Arles.
Les Périscopes are two architectural devices that connect the terrace to the city with a mirror system, offering a glimpse of the city through two-dimensional images. The terrace finds its function and thus offers a view on Arles.

Project visible as part of the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles
1 July – 22 September 2019
Terrasse Croisière, Espace 99
2 Avenue Victor Hugo
3200 Arles, France



Studio tutor : Leonid Slonimskiy (KOSMOS architectes)
Assistant : Bertrand Van Dorp

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture 
Sophie Berardo (author of the idea), Roxana Cucu (author of the idea), Christine Demierre, Roméo Drege, Paulo Jorge Dias, Thibault Krauer, Rosalie Lila Orval, Clara Souche, Julie Suner, Robert Mark Viray, Anaïs Youssefi

Head of Department : Javier Fernandez Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Thanks to : Jean-Pierre Greff, Director HEAD – Genève ; Julie Enckell Julliard, Head of Cultural Development HEAD – Genève ; Charles Cuccu, Stage Manager HEAD – Genève

Images Credits, models
© HEAD – Genève, Raphaëlle Müller

Images Credits, Arles
© Bertrand Van Dorp

Images Credits, models
© HEAD – Genève, Raphaëlle Müller