Introduction Week – PUB

Geneva, September 2018

During the Introduction Week, students from each level of the three-year interior architecture course took part in a workshop that used Geneva’s public spaces as its study area.  Each group of a dozen students was designated a particular zone where they had to build a “PUB”: a public space, a place to gather, have a drink, perform a ritual, share a moment. The students were given a limited budget and time frame. Moreover, the buildings had to be monomaterial and/or monocolour to ensure a more powerful impact on their chosen locations. Each installation needed to have a story related to its place and respond to an issue or a desire generated by the site in an exchange with its regular users. On the final day of the workshop, the whole group was able to enjoy a tour of these ephemeral PUBS, in which the spaces experienced a day of shared moments.


Workshop tutor : Léonid Slonimskiy
Assistants : Thierry Buache, Valentin Dubois, Lara Grandchamp, Manon Portera, Dafni Retzepi, Bertrand Van Dorp

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture
Pauline Gueissaz , Loula Hesse, Thibault Krauer, Emma Launay, Deborah Marolf,  Hyeryeon Nam, Rosalie Lila Orval , Julie Reeb,  Thomas Robert-Nicoud, Sonia Schwerdtel, Clara Souche, Karen Vidal
(Project: Haut Juice, Pont Butin)

Mélanie Ducrey, Bénédict Jordan, Lola Jutzeler, Clémence Lablancherie, Manon Le Pezennec, Gaïane Legendre, Camille Némethy, Jamila Perruchoud, Joëlle Progin, Nora Rhyner, Rébecca Sanmartin, Ophélie Surchat (Project: Maelstrom, Pointe de la Jonction)

Aylin Balikci, Taomei Bengone, Tania Bersier, Emma Birbaud, Arthur Cattaneo,  Juliette Colomb, Audrey Dasilva, Christine Demierre, Marine Evrard, Dawit Gebrehanna Abiy, Raphaëlle Marzolf, Nemo Reitz
(Projet Public Luxury, Quai de Seujet)

Noémi Dux, Krenare Krasniqi, Shanna Lancian, Clara Losey, Julia Miclos Moura, Jérôme Nager, Thu Trang Nguyen, Johanna Picard, Morgane Roth, Caroline Savary, Timéa Schmidt, Sonia Vetsch
(Project: Flying Pub, MAMCO)

Shana Bennett, Tamara Bertoletti, Lydia Campana, Elise Chauvigné, Elisa Cudré-Mauroux, Paulo Jorge Dias, Alizé Fassier, Lolita Gomez, Brian Grenier, Antoine Matta, Annika Resin, Mark Viray Robert
(Project: Unlock the view, Terrasse Agrippa d’Aubaine)

Rui-Filipe Bernardes Da Silva, Audrey Besanceney, Aurélie Chêne, Roxana Cucu, Laetitia Delisle, Rafael Donoso, Roméo Drege, Mélissa Ferrara, Cloé Gyssler, Kanya-On Khurewathanakul, Astrid Mayer, Livia Wagner (Project : Phare, Bains des Pâquis)

Head of Department : Dr. Javier Fernández Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina de Luigi

Photo Credits 
© HEAD – Genève, Aurélien Fontanet, Léonid Slonimskiy

Introduction Week – PUB
Workshop Léonid Slonimskiy, HEAD–AI’ID, 2018