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Architecture d’intérieur


Geneva, Spring 2023

Developed as part of the Master of Arts in Interior Architecture (MAIA) at HEAD – Genève, this series of MA thesis explore the theme of interior ecologies.

The full-time Master of the Arts in Interior Architecture (MAIA) is a two-year professional programme exploring the entanglements between interior spaces, environments and media through successive decentralisations: from the old totalitarianism that humans have built amongst themselves for centuries (inclusivity) to their position in relation to non-humans (ecology), and finally their relation to machines and virtual environments (technology).

MAIA calls for a vision where the human and the non-human are articulated in new parliamentary assemblies, mastering the professional aspects of the project and studying the public, private and commercial spheres of contemporary interiors. The curriculum addresses both the responses to current environmental and societal challenges (carbon footprint, circular economy) and the implications of new ecological paradigms (non-human, post-human) for interior architecture as a discipline in all its professional competences: space design, product design, research, curatorial and editorial practices.

The professional dimension of the programme includes full-scale project realisations and multidisciplinary training that investigates new interior ecologies. Never in history has architecture produced so many interiors in which the human and the non-human (data centres, greenhouses, botanical installations, etc.) find themselves assembled in new configurations, calling for a new ecosystemic thought and action.


Thesis supervisors:

Vera Vilardebo Sacchetti

Meriem Chabani

Roberto Zancan

Michael-Franz Jakob




Lisa Maahsen

Samia Hilal

Marine Evrard

Nourbonou Missidenti

Emma Launay

Kevin Chellakudam

Camila Perna

Emma Birbaud

Thomas Dreux

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