Inaugural Week – Self-theatricalization

Geneva, September 2020

Workshop HEAD – Genève / École Camondo

The space granted to video conferences is paradoxical; while we are brought to exchange from our interiors, the image returned online is too often that of a generic and impersonal decor. During the inaugural week of 2020, the students of the Master program in interior architecture, in collaboration with the students of the Camondo school, and with the support of Léonid Slonimskiy and Paul Marchesseau, made proposals for a new typology of spaces intended to host their exchanges in video conferences. They explored various isolation or staging strategies in order to propose twelve different approaches. Their proposals are located between the wallpaper, the furniture, and the cabin, which allow to consider our online representation from new perspectives.


Instructors:  Leonid Slonimskiy , Paul Marchesseau
Teaching Assistant: Damien Greder


Inflatable table
Sarah Bentivegna
Marina Ezerskaia
Blanca Algarra Sanchez
Lolita Gomez.

Black Box
Azadeh Djavanrouh
Louise Plassard
Kishan Asensio.

Backroom Chair 
Nourbonou Missidenti
Nobuyoshi Yokota
Dany Champion
Lea Rime.

Elsa Audouin
Thibault Krauer
Filza Parmar.

Patris Sallaku
Pablo Silva
Camila Gonzales Tapia
Marion Vergne.

Patrycja Pawlik
Robin Delerce
Elizaveta Krikun
Karen Pisoni.

Head of Department: Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Image Credits  © HEAD – Geneva, Tracy Charlene