HORS D’OEUVRES. A joint workshop with Ecole Camondo.

Hyères, September 2022

Villa Romaine, Hyères, France

Together, students from HEAD-Genève and the Ecole Camondo were invited to interact with the garden and rooms of the Villa Romaine by exploring seven rituals around transformation with one single constraint: the installations must be edible, reversible and biodegradable. 

Each of the seven groups of students were given a capital sin. From this starting point, they were free to develop a site specific installation involving an edible transformation ritual from a nearby, distant or imagined folklore.

Students were invited to reflect on each stages of the project: the preparation of the scenario of the ritual, the ritual itself & its key stages and finally the virtuous disappearance of the installation. The proposed scenario had to relate both to the villa’s context and the received capital sin. 

The week ended with the ingestion of the seven projects. 


Youri Kravtchenko

Artus Monat

Cecile-Diama Samb

Natacha De Oliveiro




HEAD students

Ségolène Davister

Luna Florey

Kristina Kambolova

Natalia Krymskaya

Andreas Laskaris

Alexandra Miskufova

Valentina Carmen Pantalena

Marie Lesley Schild

Felix Taylor

Marie Torrione

Emma Birbaud

Thomas Dreux

Samia Hilal

Vilma Hubalek

Camila Perna

Anaïs Youssefi


Ecole Camondo students

Anais De Foucauld

Candice Breuil

Garance Boucher

Maïlys De Cuniac

Léna Monier

Alix Revol

Marion Troger

Kaouthara Hamidouni

Lucie Le Grontec

Pavel Lomakin

Chloé Bonnaire

Ambre Driouche

© HEAD-Genève, Ecole Camondo