HEAD–AI’ID x Aesop 2018

Bern, Geneva, March 2018

In the Aesop workshop, HEAD students were invited to design and build two Swiss shop display windows in Bern and Geneva. For a week, 18 students of Interior Architecture, Product Design, Jewellery and Accessories, Visual Communication and Master courses in Space and Communication at HEAD thought up a number of projects before actually designing the two windows. The students were invited to work at the Contemporary Ceramic Experimentation Centre CERCCO so that they could work mostly with plaster. Aesop is an Australian brand, famous for its high-quality facial, hair and skin care products. It is renowned for the innovative, experimental designs of its boutiques and showcases, employing leading names in design and interior architecture.
 Plaster was chosen as the principal material for these installations in order to reflect the focus on the core Aesop-related themes of the body and intimacy. Plaster, a very carnal material, has to be kneaded, moulded, smoothed and worked by hands and the body.

The installations was on display throughout March at Aesop Genève, Rue de la Fontaine 15,CH-1204 Geneva,
and Aesop Berne, Kramgasse 61, CH-3011 Bern.


Workshop tutor : Nicolas Perrottet
Assistants : Valentin Dubois, Wendy Gaze
, Aline Morvan, Isabelle Schnederle

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture
Marie Widmer, Rosalie Orval, Léa Rime, Jamila Perruchoud, Sonia Vetsch, Estelle Béroujon, Marie Schild, Kanya-on Khurewathanakul, Camille Berra, Timea Schmidt, Lolita Gomez, Hyeryeon Nam, Quentin Coet, Thomas Lopes, Lilia Petrov, Fatemeh Bagheri, Nastassia Erhel, Iuliia Karepin.

Head of Department : Dr. Javier Fernández Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Photo Credits 
© Dylan Perrenoud

HEAD–AI’ID x Aesop
Workshop Nicolas Perrottet, HEAD–AI’ID, 2018