HEAD–AI’ID x Aesop 2019

Aesop has decided to collaborate for the third year in a row with HEAD students to develop the windows of its Geneva boutique and for the creation of an installation that will be presented in Globus department stores in Zurich and Bern.

During a two-week workshop at HEAD–Geneva with Andrea Caruso Dalmas from Ciszak Dalmas, Interior Architecture, Visual Communication and Product Design/Jewelry and Accessory students created installations which evoke the complex interaction between skin and its surroundings. The two installations celebrate the complexity and diversity of skin, colours and textures using natural tinted fabrics and copper. The installation in the Geneva Aēsop window is inspired by shojis, the translucent rice paper walls from Japan which are barriers from the wind and the outside world. The circles recall the regenerative skin cycle. The Globus installation suggests an abstract landscape of skin inspired by strata from mountains which, just like skin, is developed and maintained over time. Each layer acts as a filter between the outside world and the inner self.

The showcase is visible throughout the month of March 2019 at the Aēsop store in Geneva (Rue de la Fontaine 15, 1204 Geneva). The installation will be presented at Globus Zurich (18-23 March 2019) and Globus Bern (20-25 May 2019).


Workshop tutor : Andrea Caruso Dalmas, Ciszak Dalmas
Assistant : Manon Portera

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture
Cudre-Mauroux Elisa, Dux Noémi, Gueissaz Pauline, Launay Emma, Némethy Camille, Resin Annika, Jordan Bénédict, Picard Johanna, Surchat Ophélie, Demierre Christine, Progin Joëlle, Roth Morgane

BA Visual communication
Dedoyan Diane, Michel Anna, Parente Emma, Dubuis Alicia

BA Product Design/Jewellery and Accessory
Del Val Roxanne, Nicole Tanguy

Head of Department : Javier Fernandez Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Photo Credits 
Window shop Geneva / ©  Dylan Perrenoud
Installation for stand Globus Zurich / © HEAD – Genève, Raphaelle Mueller

Images Credits, models
© HEAD – Genève, Raphaëlle Müller