Energy and Climate: Different states of water

Geneva, January 2019

During the spring semester 2019, the studio “Energy and Climate” chose an element very often present in the interior architecture: water.

The interior spaces must be impervious to rain, to capillary rise, the walls must slow down the transmission of steam; in interiors we must drink, wash, cook. Interior architects must manage these different forms of water, draw the course of its flow, the trajectory of the steam, spatialize its use to invent new forms and new programs that would give particular attention to this element.

Evaporation, ventilation, hydration are some modes of appearance of water in the interior architecture. Vapor barriers and water-tightness are modes of water management. As for water, it has different states: liquid, drinking water, rainwater, sewage, gas.

Students had to highlight an indispensable, necessary and compelling element of interior architecture, in order to discover its formal and programmatic potential.



Studio tutor : Philippe Rahm
Assistant : Dafni Retzepi

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture
Juliette Colomb, Dawit Gebrehanna Abiy, Thomas Guerin, Bénédict Jordan, Thomas Robert-Nicoud, Marie Lesley Schild, Time Schmidt, Sonia Vetsch, Karen Vidal, Livia Wagner.

Head of Department : Javier Fernandez Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina De Luigi

Photo Credits 
© HEAD – Genève, Léonard Gremaud

Images Credits, models
© HEAD – Genève, Raphaëlle Müller