Celebrating USM with Teo Jakob

Geneva, February 2015

2015 coincides with the 50th anniversary of USM. The company Teo Jakob suggested a workshop at HEAD focused on the timeless appearance of the developed modular system from 1965. The modularity and the product geometrical aspect allows a wide range of opportunities in artistic structures and open the door on monumental works.

Tubes, balls, sheets; as many standardized material that allowed USM to develop for 50 years timeless furniture, evolving over time and modulable. How to detach from this and aim to create exhibition pieces using these materials that make up the USM series and therefore retaining their image? The transformation function is another way of perceiving modularity. The USM furniture is so far mainly a storage cabinet and desk. Imagine how strong and unique pieces to mark 50 years of USM? Can we see the USM and its components as a source of material? Can you break it down, dial the other way? These were some of the questions that motived students during the workshop.


Workshop tutor : Albert Schrurs, Michèle Rossier (director regional of Teo Jakob)

Students : 
BA Interior Architecture
Antoine Lapeyre, Cohann Rémy, Shizuka Saito, Mélanie Maulaz, Maxime Cerruti, Amigo Randy, Armend Krasniqi, Inès-Charlotte Brodard, Annaëlle Budry, Bertrand Van Dorp, Amélie Ramseyer

MA Space and Communication
Laura Loyola, Anastasia Karpova

Head of Department : Jan Geipel

Photo Credits 
© Nicolas Schopfer

Celebrating USM with Teo Jakob
Workshop Albert Schrurs, HEAD–AI’ID x USM