Art Humanity Prize 2020 – CarEvents

Geneva, October 2020

The Art and Humanity prize rewards students or graduates who have achieved the best artistic creation in Visual Arts, Design or Cinema, in connection with the “Principle of humanity”. The Public Prize, endowed with a grant of CHF 2’000.-, distinguished thanks to the votes by sms of the public and the Net surfers the project “CarEvents” of Dany Champion, Marion Vergne and Karen Pisoni students in Master Interior architecture .

The “CarEvents” project leads us to reflect on the conditions of people on the margins of society, in need or simply alone. This project proposes new scenarios and tries, in a subtle way, to generate meetings, moments of sharing and exchange in the premises of the Caritas association in Geneva. This association fights against poverty, supports asylum seekers, underprivileged refugees and migrants, the elderly as well as adolescents in a delicate family situation. Taking into account a limited financial budget, the proposal makes the most of the potential spatial and social aspects of Caritas. Indeed, workers in professional reintegration, supported by the association, employees, volunteers as well as material resources from the second-hand market represent real resources to be valued. At the same time, this project highlights a potential economic decrease by applying the principle of upcycling, thus promoting a sustainable and responsible practice in the context of a circular economy. In addition, the design of the elements of the project are thought out in a simple way so that they can be carried out within the framework of future socio-professional workshops (EsFor) that Caritas will set up.


MAIA students:

Dany Champion
Marion Vergne
Karen Pisoni

Image Credits © HEAD – Genève
D. Champion, K. Pisoni, M. Vergne