CINEMA IS A VERB : A Wall, a Tower and a Tent

Geneva, Fall 2023

Cinema is a Verb is a Master’s studio that explores the intersection between a mode of construction (the temporary) and a very specific program (the movie theater). The cinema department at HEAD – Genève urgently requires a dedicated space for educational and event-based film screenings. After several phases of research, two proposals were developed in detail until the end of the semester. These two projects aim to reconcile the practical requirements of the program with the diverse imaginaries it encompasses.

Project 1: A Wall, a Tower and a Tent
A wall serves as a screen, and a projection tower creates two monoliths that fictively have been there forever, shaping the space and giving form to the tent. A square within a circle follows the plan dictated by primitive shapes. A metal structure forms the skeleton, standing independently on the school’s terrace. Layers of fabric cover the whole. An umbrella, a coat, and underwear dresses protect the structure and the visitors from the elements. Closed for watching a film, open for hosting festivities. The building, delicately placed on top of the school, inevitably evokes the collective imagination of the circus and a form of festive lightness reminiscent of the first film screenings.


Studio led by Ana Luisa Soares and Ahmed Belkhodja (fala atelier)
Assisted by Robin Delerce


Alexandra Miskufova, David Roeder, Emma Canton, Marie Schild, Marie Torrione

Images © HEAD — Genève, Sylvain Leurent