Le Cube, HEAD-Genève, 03.02.2023
The Architecture of the Page

Recent Publications by the Interior Architecture Department at HEAD Genève

Salon P.A.G.E.S.

The Cube, HEAD – Genève

Javier Fernández Contreras, Youri Kravtchenko, Cécile-Diama Samb

Interior Architecture today operates at the intersection between physical and mediated spaces, such as those of mass communications, digital platforms or editorial practices. Considering any form of representation as potentially architectural, from graphic design to photography, publishing to cinema, the Department of Interior Architecture at HEAD – Genève will present a series of recent books exploring interior spaces as platforms of ‘expanded media’, examining their belonging to different places and temporalities, whether physical or virtual, close or distant, ultimately reasserting the role of interior architecture in the construction of contemporaneity.

Featured publications:

Manifesto of Interiors: Thinking in the Expanded Media (Geneva: HEAD – Publishing, 2021)

Scènes de Nuit. Night & Architecture (Madrid: Asimétricas, 2021)

Renewing the City from Within (Paris: Caryatide, 2022)

Intimacy Exposed: Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom (Leipzig: Spector Books, 2022)

Entering the Room (Amsterdam: Archis-Volume, 2022)

* With the special contribution of publications developed by the Interior Architecture students in collaboration with the Graphic Design students at HEAD – Genève.