Lausanne, 09.05.2019 - 29.05.2019
Scène de nuit

SHOP – 9th of May
FILM – 12th of May
CITY – 18th of May
CLUB – 24th of May
FOOD – 29th of May

F’AR – Forum d’Architectures, Lausanne
Avenue Villamont 4
1005 Lausanne

Scènes de Nuit presents five nocturnal encounters around the role of night in the construction of contemporary societies and their urban spaces. Around the themes of consumption, city, enclosed spaces, party and food Scènes de Nuit recreate spaces generating practices and night rituals. The five events SHOP, FILM, CITY, CLUB AND FOOD become experimental laboratories to facilitate and question the relationship between architecture and night.

As part of their spring exhibition, the f’ar invite architects Javier Fernandez-Contreras and Youri Kravtchenko to present exhibition Scènes de Nuit. Conducted with the first year students of architecture of the HEAD, Scènes de Nuit attempts to understand the phenomena of space, conferences, discussions, walks, meals and projections.

f’ar – forum d’architectures lausanne
Avenue Villamont 4
1005 Lausanne