via Zoom, 14.11.2022

Sana Frini is a Tunisian born / Mexican based architect and one of the three founders of locus, an architectural practice that understands space as a resulting place of constant inbetweens where form(s) follow(s) function(s) behavior(s) and belonging(s). Her research is focused on global south architectural practices such as hand-crafted manufactured systems, post-vernacularities, local reintegrations, participatory processes and climate resilience.

Frini holds an MSC in globalization and environment (NOVA, Lisbon) and an MA in Architecture & Southern Urban Studies (UTL, Lisbon). She taught several electives, workshops and studio seminars in American universities, and her work has been exhibited at the Herbert Johnson Museum (2021), the Mexican Acierto de Diseño (2019), the Chicago Architecture Biennial (2018) and the Lisbon architecture Triennale (2013). Frini has been Gensler visiting critics (2021) and awarded the Mexican National Art Creators System grant (2020) and the Erasmus Mundus fellowship (2013).

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