HEAD-Genève Campus, 14.12.2021
Jeanne Wéry, Baraki

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After graduating from EPFL in 2013, Jeanne knows that her career will be independent. She works one year in an office, then creates her own structure with Georg Christoph Holz, a young German architect, whom she met in Ireland a few years earlier. Together they worked on their diploma project, then created the WHOOD office in 2014. The symbiosis between the two partners has been magical, creative and natural. The first projects of the small office were infrastructural interventions, making the life of their users softer, reflecting on their daily uses. The BARAKI touch is already present. Very quickly the office grew and after 4 years of collaboration, Marc, freshly graduated from the EPF joins the office as a partner. With three people, the dynamic is different and is enriched by a powerful and fertile scope. BARAKI was born, won several competitions, and grew. Today BARAKI is 6 years old, with 4 collaborators and 3 partners. Practicing BARAKISM on its own scale, hoping to impregnate a slow change in mentalities, to make architecture accessible, to propose solutions mixing the human being with his environment, to reflect on the importance of our built heritage, on its quality and on what being an architect is.