Rue des Maraîchers 5, 1205 Genève & via Zoom, 09.11.2022

Landscapes of Comfort and Exhaustion

This lecture will focus on domesticity, the body, land, and their relations to processes of extraction and the notion of comfort. It will discuss media and methodologies of this work in the context of spatial thought and practice, by looking at a selection of recent projects by WORKNOT!

WORKNOT! is a collective of cognitarians-makers, architects-artists, that work on the precarities of everyday life. Since its foundation between Tehran and Rotterdam in 2012, it has worked in a variety of contexts through a broad range of collaborations; created workshops, exhibitions, performances, images, writings, lectures and publications. WORKNOT! develops works through a hybrid of making (site-specific) spatial interventions, and research. WORKNOT! has exhibited in Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (2021-2024), Sharjah Architecture Triennial (2020), Venice Biennale (2016), etc. Arvand Pourabbasi is a spatial practitioner, researcher, and educator. His work focuses on decolonial readings of domesticity, public realm, and spatial pedagogy. Golnar Abbasi is an architect-artist, researcher, curator, and publisher. Her work focuses on politics of domesticity, anti-colonial space, practices of resistance, and historical narrative. She is a Ph.D. candidate at Faculty of Architecture TU Delft. Arvand and Golnar are also editors of Sarmad Platform, and an educator at Piet Zwart Institute and Willem de Kooning Acadmie, Rotterdam.

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