Le Cube, Avenue de Châtelaine 7, 08.06.2023 - 09.06.2023

MAIA, Master of Arts of Interior Architecture


Diploma Show

The MAIA Diploma Show 2023 invites visitors to delve into the intricate interplay between the natural, artificial, and digital realms within the contemporary built environment. Titled “INTERIOR ECOLOGIES,” the exhibition explores how ecology is shaping the discipline of Interior Architecture in the 21st century. The interpretation of this theme was intentionally left open for students, resulting in projects that address environmentally responsible construction, ecology, reuse, energy efficiency, social and political urgencies, as well as novel materials and technologies.

Visitors will have the opportunity to witness a diverse range of projects in terms of scale, typology, location, and complexity. These include a refugee shelter crafted from mushrooms, a communal neighborhood kitchen in Geneva, the transformation of a water tank into housing in India, the creation of a new social center facilitating the exchange of reused materials, a furniture collection derived from repurposed office carpets, and numerous other projects that express the pressing need for a transformative paradigm in architectural production.

MAIA, Master of Arts of Interior Architecture

Department of Space Design / Interior Architecture, HEAD – Genève

MAIA Students 2023:

Sarah Bentivegna, Emma Birbaud, Kevin Chellakudam, Azadeh Djavanrouh, Thomas Dreux, Marine Evrard, Samia Hilal, Emma Launay, Lisa Maahsen, Nourbonou Missidenti, Camilla Perna, Louise Plassard.

MAIA Faculty:

Dr Javier Fernández Contreras, Head of Department
Valentina de Luigi, Deputy Head
Leonid Slonimskiy (Kosmos Architects), Studio Professor
Paule Perron (minor architects), Studio Assistant
Scenography: Paule Perron and Leonid Slonimskiy with the support of MAIA students and HEAD alumni