Pavillon Sicli, Geneva, 30.09.2022
Interior Ecologies Conference at the Quinzaine de l’Urbanisme

Pavillon Sicli

Rte des Acacias 45, 1227 Geneva


A conference conducted by the MAIA students during the Quinzaine de l’Urbanisme at the Pavillon Sicli, Geneva.

From simple greenhouses to botanic facilities, and from data centers to automated interiors, never before in history has architecture produced so many interiors for the non-human, challenging disciplinary notions on tectonics, light, comfort and entire regulatory frameworks.

Interior Ecologies explores the entanglements between interior spaces, environments and media through successive decentralizations: from the old totalitarianisms that humans have built amongst themselves for centuries (inclusivity); to their position in relation to non-humans (ecology); and finally their relation to machines and their outputs, both real and virtual (technology).

Once designed for and with the human, contemporary interiors have instead become exponentially complex materializations where the politics of our present moment are played out. Ultimately, who are they for?

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