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Architecture d’intérieur
Rue des Maraîchers 5, 1205 Genève & via Zoom, 30.11.2022


Possibilities of using earth in space design for new ecological paradigms
The experimental and pedagogical art project “Tsuchi-no-ie (Maison en terre) “ which construct an architectural space with earth in the campus of Kyoto City University of Arts has given us some hints for post-humanist art and design in the Cthulucene (Donna J. Haraway).
INOUE Akihiko is artist and designer. Since mid-1990s, as an artist and a professor of Kyoto City University of Arts, with interests in fundamental premises of human existence such as water, gravity, ground and roof, Akihiko Inoue has worked over several genres, including drawing, photography, site-specific installation as well as art-projects in the local context. He works and live in Kyoto.
2006-2007, Guest artist of Département arts plastiques, Université Paris 8.
2010, ”Trouble in Paradise / Meditation of Survival” , National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
2013, ”Antigravity”, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota

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