via zoom, 22.03.2021
How To… Empower Creatives

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The MAIA program (Master of Interior Architecture, HEAD – Genève) invite you to a series of conferences, called Creative Industries. They are held by established professionals and seek to give access to skills that can be useful in a career as an interior architect.

Alec Dudson is the Founder of @thisisintern, a platform that empowers emerging creatives to build their dream careers. He’s on a mission to make the creative industries more representative and believes that eradicating unpaid and underpaid work at the entry level is vital for that to happen.

As a publisher and art director, Alec commissions young people to tell stories about navigating the world of work and as an educator he teaches students the business and entrepreneurial skills that stop them being exploited. You can learn how to price your graphic design work with him in the online course ‘The Price is Right’ via @thisisintern’s bio or their website