Genève + via zoom, 23.11.2021
Cristina Gamboa

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Cristina Gamboa is a licensed architect and teacher. She studied at ETSAB and the University of Stuttgart. Cristina is the co-founder of Lacol, an architectural cooperative focused on researching participatory approaches to design and develop cooperative housing. She currently teaches at the Architectural Association and ETSAB. Lacol is a cooperative of 14 architects created in 2014 in Barcelona. They use architecture as a tool to intervene critically in local environments. Their activity is based on a horizontal working system with the motivation and challenge of achieving a transition to sustainability thought out in the broadest possible way: political, social, economic and environmental. Their collective work has been recognized and exhibited locally and internationally, including through the City of Barcelona Architecture Prize in 2018 and recently for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 “How will we live together? “