via zoom, 02.06.2022
Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

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Charlotte Malterre-Barthes is assistant professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University, Graduate school of Design. Most recently, she was guest professor in the Architecture Department of TU Berlin, directed, managed, and taught the post-graduate Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design at ETH Zurich from 2014-2019. Charlotte’s teaching and research interests are related to how struggling communities can gain greater access to resources, the mainstream economy, better governance, and ecological/social justice. Her pedagogy is built on a research-based design approach for identifying urgent aspects of contemporary urbanization. She believes that educators and universities have an obligation to be responsive to the challenges of our urbanizing world, equipping young practitioners and researchers with both critical skills and design tools to address them. Charlotte maintains an active feminist practice, engaging in parity & diversity works with the understanding that to be feminist today cannot be understood without intersectionality; the convergence of struggles against sexism, racism, capitalism, and imperialism, as conceptualized by Françoise Vergès. She is also co-founder of OMNIBUS, an urban design laboratory focused on interdisciplinary exploration of community-building factors in various metropolitan contexts.
Charlotte holds a PhD in Architecture from ETH Zurich, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Architecture from the National School of Architecture of Marseille (ENSAM). In addition to over two dozen papers, essays, and articles published in a variety of media, she has produced five book-length publications; Eileen Gray- A house under the Sun, with Z. Dzierzawaska, 2019; Some Haunted Spaces in Singapore, with M. Jaeggi, 2018; Cairo Desert Cities, with Marc Angelil, 2017; Housing Cairo – The Informal Response, with Marc Angelil, 2016; and The School, the Book, the Town, 2013. Several others are underway, including Migrant Marseille: Architecture of Social Segregation and Urban Inclusivity, 2020.

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