HEAD-Genève, 30.11.2021

ATELIER 703 is an architectural studio founded by Eliana Barreto, Maria João Cunha, and Bastien Guy. Its approach to work is based on an architecture that is defined by its critical sense, its concern for the context, and its attachment to cultural, social, and environmental aspects The studio is based between Lausanne and Lisbon. Its members have studied in France, Italy, Portugal, and Liechtenstein. This condition frees the office from tendencies and leads it to constantly re-evaluate the priorities of architectural design and production. Its practice does not rely on convictions instead, it uses the design process to generate ideas: The project produces knowledge! Atelier 703 focuses its architectural practice on projects which take place in different contexts and explore a wide range of programs, from housing to the rehabilitation of heritage buildings, but also to the realization of school facilities, theatres, and administrative buildings. This condition illustrates atelier703’s particular interest in several human nature matters and its ambition to take part in them and to understand their foundations and their close relationship. Atelier 703 is particularly interested in the integration of the projects through a fine and careful understanding of the site. Aware that architectural interventions lead to the transformation of a place, their projects always prefer dialogue over confrontation and seek timeless interventions.