Genève, 09.06.2021 - 11.06.2021
MAIA Final Expo

The Master of Arts in Interior Architecture (M A I A) is a two-year professional programme that teaches students to master the progressive diversification of interiors in the contemporary world, characterised by cross-disciplinary approaches, from space design to visual arts, digital practices and traditional craftmanship. The graduation exhibition envisions interior architecture as the meeting point between the spaces, objects and media that construct contemporary societies, addressing pressing issues such as the environment, the transformation of existing heritage, spaces of shared economy and the construction of inclusive communities. In reasserting the central role of physical spaces, the M A I A programme explores how interior architecture operates at the intersection of physical interiors and the parallel narratives of mediated interiors, such as featured in advertising, films, exhibitions and publications.

Jury MAIA: Tuesday June 08 2021

• President of the jury, external: Véronique Patteeuw, director of the revue OASE (Bruxelles)

• Member of the jury external: Katrien Vertenten, architect, Nomos (Geneva)

• Member of the jury external: Stéphane Villard, interior architect, Studio GGSV(Paris)

• Member of the jury internal: Javier Fernandez Contreras, Head Interior Architecure, HEAD-Genève

• Member of the jury internal: Anthony Masure, Head of Research, HEAD-Genève

Date jury Prix La Redoute: Jeudi 10 juin 2021 /11-17h

Jury members:

• Laurent Garet, CEO de La Redoute Suisse.

• Marie Noulez, coordinatrice de style de La Redoute Intérieurs.

• Elisabeth Leriche, Directrice du Bureau Elisabeth Leriche.

• Valentin Dubois, Architecte d’intérieur.


Blanca Algarra Sánchez

Dany-Sarah Champion

Elizaveta Krikun

Filza Parmar

Karen Pisoni

Kishan Asensio

Lolita Gomez

Marion Vergne

Nina D’Elia