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No Cash Viande: A fictional alternative for a demolished butcher shop

No Cash Viande takes the kitchen outside the confines of a home. It is situated in a former butcher shop that once stood in the heart of the Soubeyran neighborhood in Geneva. The project envisions an alternative future by creating a liminal space that blurs the boundaries between the private and public realms. The building opens up and expands, erasing the lines between the interior and exterior. At its core, a central fire serves as a social element, bringing people together. Its preparation and maintenance demand dedication and foster a caring relationship with the individuals who gather around it.

The additional elements incorporated into the building are movable and customizable. They constitute a prosthetic architecture that can adapt to various scenarios and requirements. This allows the kitchen to serve not only as a food preparation area but also as a space that offers different configurations and possibilities. The act of cooking leftovers transforms into a communal ceremony that invites everyone to participate. This collective food preparation promotes care and cultivates a sense of community.

Thomas Dreux
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Image Credits: © Thomas Dreux