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Thomas Dreux

Thomas Dreux is a French interior architect currently working as a freelancer, splitting his time between Paris and Geneva.

Thomas graduated from Bellecour Ecole in Lyon in 2019 and completed the MAIA program in 2023. Professional experience was gained through collaborations with RGA Studio and DXP Architetti in Milan in 2020. Thomas’s portfolio encompasses various exhibitions and works, showcasing expertise in the field of interior architecture.

Diploma Project
No Cash Viande: A fictional alternative for a demolished butcher shop

No Cash Viande transcends the traditional boundaries of a home kitchen, finding its place in a former butcher shop nestled in the heart of the Soubeyran neighborhood in Geneva. The project imagines an alternative future by shaping a transitional space that blurs the lines between private and public domains. The structure unfolds, eliminating the distinction between interior and exterior spaces. Central to its essence, a communal fire becomes a social focal point, uniting individuals. Its upkeep requires dedication, fostering a nurturing bond among those gathered around it.

The incorporated additional elements within the building are movable and adaptable, forming a prosthetic architecture capable of adjusting to diverse scenarios and needs. This flexibility transforms the kitchen into more than just a food preparation area, offering various configurations and possibilities. The act of cooking leftovers evolves into a communal ceremony, inviting everyone to partake. This shared food preparation ritual promotes care and nurtures a sense of community.

Thomas Dreux
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Leonid Slonimsky / Assistant: Paule Perron


Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Thomas Dreux