Alumni 2022

Thibault Krauer

Thibault Krauer is a Swiss interior architect currently working at CSDK Architectes in Geneva, Switzerland.

Thibault holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from HEAD – Genève. Throughout his academic journey, he undertook several internships, including a year of carpentry in Lisbon and Geneva, contributing to the development of his skills.

Diploma Project
Lateral Spaces

Lateral Spaces aims to salvage a deteriorating refuge with the assistance of hikers. Each participant will transport wood to construct reinforced lateral structures. The intervention intends to repurpose these new spaces for use as bivouac areas, restaurants, or toilets. These extensions enable a contemporary utilization of the hut in both winter and summer.

Thibault Krauer
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Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Guillaume Collignon