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Inhabiting the Alps: Re-vitalising and creating a centralised community within the semi-abandoned agricultural hamlet of Bolle, Ticino.

Sarah Bentivegna is an Italian-American interior architect and creative with an academic background in Cultural Studies and linguistics. Stemming from her passion for history, her work often explores the intersection between traditional and contemporary design. She values the importance of innovative, yet timeless design in a rapidly changing, trend-focused world.

For her diploma project, Sarah was intrigued by the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland adorned with historic wooden and stone structures. These barns, once essential to the country’s agricultural industry, have now fallen into disuse and disrepair. Take the hamlet of Bolle in Vallemaggia, for instance, which was once home to a thriving seasonal farming community but has since witnessed the neglect of its infrastructure. This project aims to revitalize this partially abandoned hamlet by establishing a centralized location with shared amenities, including a communal kitchen, bathhouse, recreation center, and more, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.

To create a more open and interactive atmosphere, the facades of the central buildings are opened up. Additionally, the building floors are extended to the outdoors, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Wooden platforms act as boardwalks, providing level ground for activities and ensuring accessibility in an otherwise hilly and steep terrain.

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Image Credits: © Sarah Bentivegna