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Inhabiting the Playground: A kit to transform the living room into a shared playground

The project is a design kit that aims to transform the perception of the living room. It seeks to challenge the norms of housing that cater primarily to standard adult sizes and instead opens up possibilities for children to imagine their own homes. Once deployed, the kit can be combined with existing fabrics in the room and attached to various objects within the living room. Its purpose is to transform the space, altering the perspective of both adults and children.

This project was inspired by my own memories and experiences growing up in different homes, particularly focusing on the elements found in their living rooms and the recurring objects present (such as small windows, large dining tables, Persian carpets, comfortable sofas, etc.). It views the living room not only as a space for parents but also for children, going beyond its traditional roles as a welcoming, relaxing, or work area by embracing its potential as a playroom. The kit offers the opportunity to transform the room, typically used for dining and TV sessions, into a haven where children can let their imaginations run wild. Behind the sofa lies a cave, beneath the table becomes a boat, and under the lamp, a castle emerges, allowing children to occupy the space and create localized utopias.

Samia Hilal
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Image Credits: © Emma Birbaud & Valentine Blaimont