Alumni 2022

Patrycja Pawlik

Patrycja Pawlik is a Polish interior designer currently based in Switzerland. She balances a part-time role as an interior architect with her freelance work, enabling her to explore her interests, particularly in synesthetic design and creating a sense of security in spatial design.

Having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in 2018, she redirected her focus toward interior design on a smaller scale. In 2022, she completed the MAIA program from HEAD – Genève. Patrycja has practical experience gained through internships at various design studios in both Poland and Switzerland.

Diploma Project
Dance Trigger

Dance Trigger eludes finite labels and is something in-between a character, totem, and machine. Observing its surroundings, it stands and patiently waits for passersby to break from their daily hustle. When noticed, in return, it plays its favorite tracks, trying to create an opportunity for collective dancing. It believes that the universal language of movement, equally shared by all creatures, can foster a weakening feeling of togetherness. It simply wants to know: When was the last time you danced?⁠

Patrycja Pawlik
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Ahmed Belkhodja

Patrycja Pawlik final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon