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Dance trigger

Patrycja Pawlik, born in 1996, is an architect and designer from Poland. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in architecture in 2018, she sought smaller scale redirecting herself towards interior architecture. She searches for networks of interrelationships and current dependencies, which can be further translated and rendered with the means of design narratives. In 2022 she graduated from Interior Architecture master’s programme at HEAD-Genève.

Eluding finite labels, Dance Trigger is something in-between a character, totem and machine. Observing her surrounding, she stands and patiently waits for passersby to break from their daily hustle. When noticed, in return she plays her favourite tracks, trying to create an opportunity for collective⁠ dancing. She believes that the universal language of moving, equally shared by all creatures, can foster a weakening feeling of togetherness. She simply wants to know: When was the last time you danced?⁠

Patrycja Pawlik
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Patrycja Pawlik final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon