Alumni 2022

Nobuyoshi Yokota⁠

Nobuyoshi Yokota is a Japanese architect and interior designer currently employed as Project Leader at YKRA Architects in Geneva, Switzerland.

After earning his Master’s degree from Kanazawa University College of Art, Nobuyoshi gained practical experience in architectural design while working at a design firm as an architect. Subsequently, he obtained a 1st-grade architecture license in Japan. In 2020, he relocated to Geneva to join the MAIA program at HEAD – Genève, where he successfully earned a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture in 2022, graduating with honors.

Diploma Project
The World of Undesired Plants

The World of Undesired Plants aims to redefine the biological infrastructure of undesired plants, as there are species in the biological world perceived as invasive or foreign to a particular area. Three spaces are created from new undesired plant materials that have been reintroduced into human ecosystems. This is accomplished not only through the existence of these spaces but also through their disappearance. The project creates a “living architecture” while indicating the slow death of architecture, believed to be semi-permanent.

Nobuyoshi Yokota⁠
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The World of Undesired Plants

Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Guillaume Collignon