Alumni 2021

Marion Vergne

Marion Vergne is a French interior designer currently working for the architectural office Ykra in Geneva, Switzerland. She holds a BA degree in Interior Architecture and an MA degree in Interior Architecture from HEAD – Genève. Her work explores the close relationship between experience and design, delving into various tools and media that express and understand the feelings emerging from their intersection.

Diploma Project
Memory Triggers

Memory Triggers examines how to articulate places that now exist solely in our memories. The project represents an introspection through past living spaces, aiming to emphasize what our memories ultimately preserve the most: the experiences lived in those spaces. This introspection is presented through an installation offering three progressive readings: a text, a dreamlike object, and an immersion in augmented reality. Stemming from Marion’s memories, each object reflects the essence of the atmosphere lived in those spaces, ultimately creating a typology of spatial experiences. These objects serve as Proust’s Madeleine, enabling individuals to revisit their own memories of past spaces.

Marion Vergne

Ana Afonso Ferreira Soares

Marion Vergne final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller