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Architecture d’intérieur

Memory Trigger

Marion Vergne is a French interior designer. Her work questions the close relation between experience and design, exploring the different tools and medias which allow to express and understand the feeling, that emerges from the meeting of both.

In a journey through spaces of memory, between dream and reality, her MAIA final diploma project, is one such exploration and questions how to talk about places that now exist only in our memories. «Memory Triggers» is an introspection through past living spaces, seeking to highlight what our memories ultimately preserve the most: the experience lived in these spaces. Experiences translated here, through an installation proposing three progressive readings: a text, a dreamlike object, and an immersion in an augmented reality. Coming from Marion’s memories, each of these objects reflect the essence of each atmosphere lived in these spaces, creating at the end a typology of spatial experiences. These objects are like Proust’s Madeleine, allowing each person to go back to their own past spaces memories.

Marion Vergne

Ana Afonso Ferreira Soares

Marion Vergne final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller