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Marine Evrard

Marine Evrard is a French interior architect and designer, currently involved in diverse projects at the architectural studio Sujets Objets in Geneva. Her focus on preserving the built environment and promoting concepts of communal living defines her sensitive approach.

Marine began her academic journey by completing the Bachelor of Interior Architecture program at HEAD – Genève in 2016. After obtaining her Bachelor’s diploma, seeking to broaden her expertise, she spent two years at the architectural studio Fagart & Fontana in Paris. There, she contributed to the transformation of existing buildings and engaged in applied research on collective housing in Switzerland. In 2021, she continued her educational pursuit by joining the MAIA program at HEAD – Genève. Her commitment to innovative construction practices and themes close to her values, such as the reuse of construction materials and a focus on the collective and social dimensions within architectural projects, was evident in her MAIA degree project. Graduating with honors in June 2023, Marine showcased her Master’s diploma project at the Rendez-vous de l’Urbanisme in Geneva during the autumn of 2023, as part of the “resources” theme. The project was later awarded the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation Prize in Space Design 2023. Passionate about contributing to a more economical and responsible organization of the territory and its resources, Marine continues to explore projects of varying scales at Sujets Objets in Geneva.

Diploma Project
The Station: Transformation of a Gas Station into a Public Resource

The Station unfolds in the PAV district of Geneva, currently undergoing a comprehensive urban transformation. The ongoing demolition sites in this area yield valuable materials suitable for recycling. At the heart of this evolving landscape, the project introduces a recycling center, a departure from the conventional placement on city outskirts. This initiative delves into the potential of circularity as a remedy for the environmental impact of the construction industry, championing innovative construction practices.

By repurposing a gas station into a public learning and cultural center through the reuse of building materials, the project brings to light the latent resources of the region. The Station is conceptualized as a participatory and performative workshop, where construction evolves into a collective process that demonstrates a commitment to the built environment. Now accessible to the city, the site transforms into a new public space, emerging as a distinctive landmark in the district.

Marine Evrard
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Leonid Slonimsky / Assistant: Paule Perron

The Station

Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Marine Evrard, Guillaume Collignon