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The Station: Transformation of a gas station into a public resource

The project takes place in the PAV district of Geneva, where an extensive urban transformation project is currently underway. The ongoing demolition sites provide valuable materials that can be recycled. In the heart of this evolving area, the project establishes a recycling center, which is typically situated on the outskirts of cities. It explores the potential of circularity as a solution to the environmental impact of the construction industry and advocates for innovative construction practices. By transforming a gas station into a public learning and cultural center through the reuse of building materials, it unveils the hidden resources of the area. The Station is conceived as a participatory and performative workshop, where construction becomes a collective process that demonstrates care for the built environment. Now accessible to the city, the site offers a new public space and becomes a prominent landmark in the district.

Marine Evrard
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Image Credits: © Marine Evrard & HEAD - Genève, Guillaume Collignon