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Louise Plassard

Louise Plassard is an interior architect currently working as a scenographer, contributing to the conceptualization of diverse sets for exhibitions in Switzerland. Simultaneously, she serves as an architect engaged in the documentation and assessment of heritage structures in the city of Nyon.

After high school, Louise pursued studies in Contemporary Dance, developing a heightened awareness of spatial dynamics and the human form. Subsequently, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and embarked on a professional journey that included internships at architectural firms in Geneva, focusing on collective housing projects and renovations. In 2023, she earned a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from the MAIA program at HEAD – Genève. Currently, Louise actively advances her career, aiming to further the development of furniture crafted from recycled materials. Her commitment to sustainable design is evident in her endeavors, reflecting a dedication to merging creativity with environmental consciousness.

Diploma Project
Rerolling the Carpet: A Muffled Furniture Collection

The project Rerolling the Carpet is rooted in a sobering fact: less than 3% of the 700 million tons of carpet produced annually in Europe is recycled, and in Switzerland, the recycling rate stands at 0%. Currently, all discarded carpets are incinerated, despite their potential value for design and architecture. This initiative aims to repurpose carpets from various events, transforming them into furniture items and exploring the potential of this raw material in diverse interior applications, ranging from domestic use to public spaces. The form and aesthetics of the furniture pieces derive from the intrinsic morphological and geometric qualities of the carpet material.

To achieve autonomy and reduce reliance on additional materials, the carpet strips are folded along a specific curve to create rigidity for the overall structure. The concept ingeniously uses the fabric itself as a key component, elevating it to a structural element while simultaneously exploring its enveloping and decorative qualities. Rerolling the Carpet delves into the softness, tactility, acoustics, and hygienic properties of carpets, faithfully reproducing these characteristics within interior spaces.

Louise Plassard
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Leonid Slonimsky / Assistant: Paule Perron

Rerolling the Carpet

Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Morgan Carlier, Louise Plassard