Alumni 2021

Kishan Asensio

Kishan Asensio is a Swiss interior architect currently working at Weibel Architectes in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kishan holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from HEAD – Genève. After an exchange in Japan at Kyoto University of Arts and Design, he acquired in-depth knowledge of traditional techniques and aesthetics in Japanese architecture. Wood and all its qualities are key elements in the design of his projects. The minimalist and poetic aspects in his design work reconsider the way of life in contemporary societies.

Diploma Project
Sen’i Collection

Sen’i Collection comprises selected pieces of furniture designed specifically for the vestibule—the area by which one enters a building or a house. Often neglected compared to other rooms, the vestibule communicates the first impressions and atmospheres of the interior.

The project draws inspiration from the Genkan, the traditional Japanese entryway for a house, apartment, or building. Combining the idea of a porch and a doormat, the Genkan invites visitors to remove their shoes before entering the next space. This collection initiates new rituals when entering a home by offering pieces of furniture primarily made from wood that serve various functions for this transitional moment.

Kishan Asensio
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Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Raphaëlle Mueller