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Architecture d’intérieur

Sen’i Collection

Kishan Asensio is a Swiss interior architect. Following an exchange in Japan at Kyoto, he was able to familiarize himself with various concepts and aesthetics of Japanese architecture. Wood and all its qualities are a key element in the design of his projects. The minimalist and poetic in his design works reconsider the way of life of our contemporary societies.

Sen’i Collection consists of selected pieces of furniture imagined specifically for the vestibule, the area by which you enter a building or a house. The space serves as a passageway making a transition between the outside and the inside. All too often neglected, compared to the other rooms in the house, the vestibule, however, communicates to the visitor the first impressions and atmospheres of the interior.The project was inspired by the Genkan, the traditional Japanese entryway for a house, appartement, or building. As it presents itself as a space combinating the idea of a porch and a doormat, the Genkan invites visitors to remove their shoes before entering the next space. This collection initiate new rituals when entering a home by offering pieces of furniture primarily made from wood that combine various functions for this moment of transition.

Kishan Asensio

Simon Husslein


Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller