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Vitalising Watertanks: Affordable Modular Housing Solution for Slums

Kevin Chellakudam is a Swiss – Indian interior architect. He views interior design in its larger context. In his design interventions, he considers issues related to architectural language, urban identity versus local identity, and place-making.

His MAIA graduation project, « Vitalising Water Tanks » is an alternative solution offered to the government to create social housing. It is located in Kaloor, India, and aims to utilize the vacant space within the structure that supports a functional water tank. The project encourages community engagement in construction, fostering closer connections and reducing labor costs. The goal is to design self-sustained modular pods with various configurations, while also respecting local dynamics and culture.

These pods explore the concepts of prototyping and modular construction to create both public and private spaces. The modular nature of the project promotes a hands-on and adaptable approach, allowing residents to construct living units that can be tailored to their family size. The project can be replicated for other water tanks across the state of Kerala, India, thereby creating additional social housing opportunities. It aims to reduce slums and rejuvenate water canals while maintaining flexibility and practicality for the residents, while also considering cost-effectiveness.

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Kevin Chellakudam final presentation

Image Credits: © Kevin Chellakudam & HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon