Alumni 2023

Emma Launay

Emma Launay is a French interior architect currently working for Arcadie, an architecture studio in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Diploma Project
Invisible Matisse: Itinerant Pop-Up Store in the Public Space for Matisse Exhibitions

Invisible Matisse is a pop-up store inspired by Henri Matisse’s studio, utilizing a standard element—a truck—to define the project’s architectural dimension. Through this intervention, Invisible Matisse reveals itself as an immersive experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the works of the French painter. Following in Matisse’s footsteps, visitors are invited to comprehend the spatial design system through composition. This mobile pop-up store accompanies temporary exhibitions of Matisse, enabling different museums to provide a fresh experience by showcasing an alternative dimension of his work, extending beyond his paintings. The concept aims to create a space outside the traditional museum setting, serving as a means to announce the exhibition. Visitors actively engage and become participants in the architectural elements, taking ownership of the space through participatory workshops that involve experimenting with patterns, colors, and constructing an environment.

Emma Launay
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Leonid Slonimsky / Assistant: Paule Perron


Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Guillaume Collignon