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Imperfect Splashes: Recycling the waste of the porcelain industry through forms of domesticity in Limoges

This project aims to reflect on the creation of “wet” public spaces through the reuse of waste from a local industry, namely Limoges porcelain. The city’s renowned factories strive for excellence, which involves extensive sorting to identify even the slightest defects in the tableware pieces produced in large quantities every day. As a result, there is a significant loss of fired materials that are typically discarded, but this project aims to recycle them.

Imperfect Splashes has emerged from in-depth research and exploration into the functional diversion of iconic porcelain pieces. The project seeks to reimagine wet spaces in the public domain through modular constructions. Totemic structures combine various programs and offer diverse domestic uses for water in downtown Limoges. Through these structures, the project aims to envision places where new ways of publicly sharing water are created.

Emma Birbaud
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Leonid Slonimsky & Paule Perron


Image Credits: Emma Birbaud, Samia Hilal & Valentine Blaimont