Alumni 2023

Emma Birbaud

Emma Birbaud is a French interior architect and the co-founder of Kokon Architecture, located in Limoges, France. Her professional journey highlights her dedication to improving spaces and providing innovative design solutions.  

Emma holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree (MAIA) in Interior Architecture, both from HEAD – Genève. Her office, Kokon Architecture, combines an interior architecture office with a furniture and accessories showroom/shop, featuring a range of international brands. Working on a diverse array of projects, from the simple renovation of a bathroom to the complete overhaul of an entire building, Kokon supports its customers in the sale and fitting out of furniture. Recently, the team achieved success by winning a competition with architects for the construction of an EPHAD (elderly home). 

Diploma Project
Imperfect Splashes: Recycling Porcelain Industry Waste through Domestic Forms in Limoges

Imperfect Splashes aims to contemplate the establishment of “wet” public spaces by repurposing waste from a local industry, specifically Limoges porcelain. The city’s esteemed factories prioritize excellence, involving thorough sorting to detect even the slightest defects in the tableware pieces produced daily in large quantities. Consequently, there is a substantial loss of fired materials usually discarded, but this project seeks to recycle them. Imperfect Splashes evolved from thorough research and exploration into the functional adaptation of iconic porcelain pieces. The project endeavors to redefine wet spaces in the public domain through modular constructions. Totemic structures blend various programs and provide varied domestic uses for water in downtown Limoges. Through these structures, the project aspires to conceptualize places where innovative ways of publicly sharing water are envisioned

Emma Birbaud
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Leonid Slonimsky / Assistant: Paule Perron


Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Emma Birbaud, Samia Hilal, and Valentine Blaimont