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Monuments to Nanda

Elsa Audouin is a French designer born in 1986. She entered the Head Master program for interior architecture after few years of practice in art direction for press and cultural institutions. She develops an explorative production method, highlighting the notion of language and shapes connected to our domestic environment.

This project is built as a tribute to Nanda Vigo’s (1936-2020) work by exploring major themes of her interiors, such as artificial light, reflective surfaces and the domestic art collection. This experimentation of forms and volumes is led by the possibilities of contemporary techniques of production principally applied to wood. It results in a collection of furniture pieces erected as interior monuments to the industrial glory of I970 Milano’s nightlife.⁠

Elsa Audouin
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Elsa Audouin final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon