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Elizaveta Krikun

Elizaveta Krikun is an interior architect hailing from Russia. She currently holds the position of Architecture Project Manager at Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Elizaveta earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from SUPSI University Lugano and pursued further studies in the MAIA program at HEAD – Genève for her Master’s degree in Interior Architecture, supported by a merit scholarship from the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. Following her graduation, she gained recognition for her diploma project and received two different best thesis prizes from the VSI.ASAI Swiss Association and La Redoute. This accomplishment garnered attention from job recruiters and led to her commencement as a Junior Designer at the Objets Nomads department of Louis Vuitton in Paris. Subsequently, Elizaveta transitioned to the role of Architecture Project Manager at the company’s architecture office, where she currently contributes her expertise. Apart from her professional position, Elizaveta has engaged in independent endeavors for the private luxury sector as an entrepreneur in interior architecture.

Diploma Project
The Night Express

The Night Express challenges conventional boundaries and delves into how a re-imagined sleeper train concept can enhance our lives. In our fast-paced world, the significance of night trains has been overshadowed, forgetting that they were once a privilege rather than an ordeal. It’s time to decelerate and revisit the allure of night travel. While there is a growing demand for trains to compete with other modern modes of transportation, they need to provide a distinctive and enticing experience in return.

Elizaveta Krikun
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Simon Husslein

The Night Express

Image Credits: © HEAD – Genève / Guillaume Collignon