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In Circulation: A building as well

The building located at 84 Rue de Lyon, Geneva, encompasses an old well and was formerly a post office. This project explores the possibilities of repurposing this space, transforming it into a communal area that serves the neighboring inhabitants.

Water takes center stage in revitalizing the site. The well is restored, and the building is transformed into an infrastructure that collects and recirculates rainwater and greywater for various uses. Building upon the existing structure, the program is organized into a series of interconnected rooms, designed as spaces for gathering, washing, drinking, and playing.

To achieve this, the building is opened up by removing doors, windows, parts of the facade, the floor, and the roof. This enables easy access for users and welcomes other forms of life into the space. The site becomes a place that promotes and depends on the coexistence of human and non-human life.

Camila Perna
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Image Credits: © Camila Perna & HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon