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Architecture d’intérieur

The Nomadic Truffle Experience

Blanca Algarra is a Spanish architect and designer. Her work explores the relationship between architecture, art and gastronomy as a means to create new rituals and ways that lead to more conscious and leisurely consumption habits. Her practice seek to give voice to local craftsmanship and create sustainable designs loaded with sophistication.

In a context in which chocolate consumption has become massive, meaningless and unhealthy, appears The Nomadic Truffle Experience, a gastronomic tasting and mobile art installation dedicated to the conscious consumption of chocolate through one of its variants: the truffle. Through an experimental laboratory, which unfolds in different urban scenarios by means of « happenings », the meticulous process of creating her truffle is shown in slow motion, from the least common multiple that connects her truffle with the landscape to the final delicacy and crafted product. The installation will offer guests the opportunity to savour the glory of different truffle variations revealed in a choreographed tasting experience in which each step will reconnect guests to their senses.

Blanca Algarra

Leonid Slonimskiy

Blanca Algarra final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller